Side Sliding Sectional Garage Doors

What are Side Sliding Sectional Garage Doors? 

A side sliding sectional garage door typically consists 4 or 5 insulated hinged panels that slide to the side of the garage on opening.

Each sectional garage door in constructed in robust 40mm thick twin skinned and foam filled panels.

Each garage door is purpose made for best practical fit at no additional cost.  This type of garage door is ideal for installation behind it for increased access width and height.  

You have a choice of 4 designs ranging from  Small Rib, Medium Rib and the contemporary and very popular Large Rib to embossed Georgian panelling(price varies).  All sectional garage doors can include glazing.  The Large Rib design in particular is also available with design embellishments to further enhance the attractiveness of the final installation.  

Also available is a matching garage personnel door and a matching main front entrance door for your home, all purpose made to suit and designed with style and elegance in mind.

Available up to 5m wide or 3m high, manual or automatic.   

Finishes include white and a large range of optional colour and wood effect finishes (most at additional cost), available with matching or contrasting  surrounds.

What are the Main Advantages of Side Sliding Sectional Garage Doors?

1. This type of garage door is very versatile offering a range of designs and design features.  

2. Each garage door is insulated and individually made for optimum fit.  

3. With manually operated garage doors it is possible to access the garage through just one panel without opening the whole door.

What are the Main Disadvantages of Sectional Garage Doors?

1. This type of garage door has tracks that run a fair distance into the garage sometimes meaning that the shelving at the side of the garage might need modifying.

2. The garage filoor must be level!

3. Tends to be more costly than other types of garage door.