Roller Garage Doors

What are Roller Garage Doors? 

This is an elegant design of garage door using slats that lock tightly together when closed but roll up as the door opens.  There is no spring mechanism, instead the door opens powered by a motor built into the axle itself and closes as the roll unwinds under its own weight.  There are guides to each side with brush strips to minimise draughts and the bottom slat has a rubber seal that touches the floor.

Each roller garage door in constructed in either robust 77mm slats rolling up into a 300mm box or a more compact 52mm slatted version rolling up into a smaller 205 or 250mm box to give additional access height.

Each garage door is purpose made for optimum sizing at no additional cost and available to suit garage openings up to 4.8m wide and 2.5m high.  Installation can be either within the garage opening or behind for increased access width and height.

Automatic operation is standard with a powerful motor built into the axle assembly.  Each garage door also includes as standard an automatic courtesy lamp, 2 remote controls, a wireless optical safe edge built into the bottom of the garage door (to allow safe auto closing at the single touch of a button) and an integral alarm for added security.  Other accessories are available including an inexpensive link to smart operation from your phone.

Finishes include white and a large range of optional colour and wood effect finishes (most at additional cost), available with matching or contrasting  surrounds.  There is also the option of a laminate finish, more durable and an ideal compliment to a home with a composite front door.

What are the Main Advantages of Roller Garage Doors?

1. This type of garage door is extremely space efficient taking up practically no room inside the garage.  It opens and closes without any outswing and It is essentially weatherproof.

2. Each garage door is insulated and individually made for optimum fit.  

3. These garage doors are ideal for garaging high backed vehicles with no outswing nor inswing on both opening and closing.

What are the Main Disadvantages of Roller Garage Doors?

1. This type of garage door takes up more headroom than other garage doors.

2. There is no real choice of design, people tend to either love it's simplicity or hate it.

3.  There is a limited range of colours.