Terms of Business - How it Works

Feel free to contact us by phone on 02392426270 or 07951054164 or email garageandhome.uk@gmail.com to discuss your requirements and how it can work for your family.

Your initial contact and home visit is free and without obligation. We will not pressurise you.  Instead our aim is to assist you in the buying process towards a conclusion that is right for you.  

We will respect your privacy at all times and will not pester you.

Based on our initial contact we will prepare a proposal for you and include an estimated cost.  We don’t give quotations because we do not include a validity period.  It may be some time before you decide to proceed at which time we may have to review the cost.

Payment will generally be in two parts - a 30% deposit with order with the balance becoming due upon completion and handover.  We may need access to your WiFi network to conclude this.

Payment may be made directly into our NatWest account, Gardeners Southern Ltd, account number 95139036, sort code 55-70-34 or in cash, by cheque or by credit or debit card.

All equipment is sold with the manufacturer’s warranty which will generally cover the repair or replacement of any faulty equipment during the warranty period.  It will not cover any associated labour costs.

We warrant our workmanship for 12 months.