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Remote Control

You can start with a single device.  A smart socket linked to a light perhaps. Your remote control can then be used as a simple switch allowing control from the comfort of your armchair.  

Alternatively, you can replace a mechanical time switch with a smart sockets set to switch on and off automatically with the facility to select different schedules for different days of the week.  

The possibilities are endless.

Modern wireless technology allows the switching and control of devices throughout your home at the touch of a button, safely and securely.  Each family member can have a remote control if required.

Controls are available either hand-held or wall mounted and can operate one device or many devices.  What’s more, in many cases we can work with your existing devices. There is no need to renew.


*  Appliance Switching via Smart Socket

*  Automatic Gates Open / Close

*  Garage Doors Open / Close

*  Heating Switching via Smart Thermostat (shown)

*  Lights Switching

*  Motorised Blinds Open / Close / Tilt

Also available with operation by smartphone app, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Home.

An example of an ergonomic keyring type remote control for up to 4 separate devices

It Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated

Images courtesy of Somfy

Simple - each radio remote control is securely coded to one or more compatible radio receiver(s) each controlling a single device.  If the device does not have a compatible radio receiver we fit one, whether it be a smart socket or a wireless receiver (both shown).

How Does It Work?

An Example of a Starter Kit - a single Smart Socket and Remote Control

An Example of an elegant Wireless Wall Mounted Remote Control

An Example of a Universal Wireless Receiver to operate pretty well anything

An example of an armchair type remote control for up to 5 separate devices

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