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Automatic garage doors make a lot of sense even if you don’t garage your car. More convenient definitely but, more imprtantly, more secure.

Typically, an installation will have 2 remote controls and the option of a wall mounted switch located inside the garage.

In the event of a power failure manual operation typically involves nothing more than pulling a cord, accessible inside the garage or using an external release device if the garage door is the only point of entry.

It is also perfectly feasible to link operation to your smartphone with the option of setting the garage door to operate as you approach using your phone’s geolocation facility.

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Somfy Dexxo Optimo Operator Optional 4 button remote control Somfy RTS socket - switch pretty well anything by remote control This Somfy RTS device ensures compatibility with existing non RTS devices The Somfy Connexoon Hub opens up all sorts of possibilities Stylish and Efficient Garage Door Opener Stylish and Efficient Garage Door Opener showing the emergency manual release

A typical installation comprises the auto opener and 2 remote controls.  The spare button(s) on these Somfy remote controls are available link to other Somfy RTS devices

Optional 4 button remote control Stylish RTS Wallswitch

The powerful Alutech Levigato LG800 operator - supplied with many of our sectional garage doors.

The spare button(s) on your Somfy remote controls will readily connect to this smart socket to control any electrical appliance by remote control

The Somfy Connexoon hub offering smart access control, and more ..

With this addition of this Somfy smart receiver your existing auto gates and garage door can be added to a smart Somfy system, 21st cebtury technology at your fingertips.