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Automation Around the Home

Discover a new way to automate aspects of your home using highly modular Somfy technology.

The Somfy Connexoon provides effective control of automated gates, garage doors, blinds, curtains, lights and Philips Hue lighting from an intuitive smartphone app.

The Somfy Tahoma allows an extension into security and surveillance, access control, active protection of your home (e.g. leak protection) and climate control, all personalised to your needs.

Somfy Connexoon

*  Control of Multiple Devices

*  Easy to use Access Control app with 4 configurable modes,

        a) I’m arriving home

        b) I’m going out

        c) Open all devices

        d) Close all devices

*  Records the history of all connected devices

*  Geolocation facility to automatically detect when you are arriving

*  Separate app with facility for scheduling and ambiance control     through lighting, blinds etc

Smart Lighting Scenarios include

* Lamps

* Ceiling Lights

* Remote Controls

* Wall Switches

* Sensors

* Flexible On/Off Schedule

Images courtesy of Somfy

Somfy Videophone

Both the Somfy Connexoon and the Somfy Tahoma allow both ‘set up and leave alone’ functionality or direct control and reporting via one of the apps.

How Does It Work?

Aurora Aone Hub

Specialist Lighting Hub

Somfy Wireless Alarm

Somfy Tahoma

*  Control of Multiple Devices from Smartphone and Tablet

*  Personalise the configuration to your home and preferences

*  Keep an eye on your home

*  Effective holiday mode to switch your lights whilst you are away

*  Home and vehicle protection through an effective burglar alarm     with facility for leak and smoke detection too.

*  Movement sensors including pet detection to avoid false alarms

Open your gates and garage door automatically as you approach

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