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(Southern) Ltd Gardeners Garage Doors Applications

Make Sure that all is OK - Keep an eye on your home - and possibly your loved ones too.

This elegant camera records everything and notifies you is something suspicious occurs.

Check who is at your door or gate - This video intercom does not need a WiFi connection nor does it need a smartphone link.  It looks and works like a cordless phone but with a video link.  It can open your gate too.

Automatically Protect your Vehicle(s) and Outbuildings - If you have our wireless alarm the adding protection for your vehicle is no more complicated than adding either a motion or vibration sensor.  Or a remote camera.

Open your gates, deactivate your alarm or switch on your lights automatically - Using the Geolocation feature on your smartphone your home will welcome you as you approach.

Holiday Cover - Appear to be at home whilst you are away by having your lights, curtains or blinds operated automatically, even self adjusting for changes in daylight hours.

Get a Grip on your Heating - Heat your home in a way that suits your lifestyle and that adapts to your environment to make the most of this valuable resource - with real potential money savings.

Set your ambiance by controlling your lighting - Schedule your lights and control the intensity and hue to suit your mood and circumstances.

Choose Your Hub(s)

Lock your door the smart way - and monitor the comings and goings.  And, if a family member forgets their phone or tag you can unlock the door for them wherever you are.

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