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4 Highfield Parade, Waterlooville,
Hampshire, PO7 7QH

tel : 023 9242 6270

email : garagedy@aol.com

We supply and install quality garage doors and matching front doors, properly and at a keen price.

Need a garage to put the garage door on? - just ask! Purpose made quality garages and outdoor buildings available.
Or, maybe you just want help organising the garage.

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"I'm Eric, your Easy Route to Garage Door Information and Choice, to quickly help you find the ideal garage door for you.

Firstly I'll introduce the four main types of garage door, shown below. Not sure which type is best for you - click here

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Up and Over Side-Hinged Sectional Roller
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Proper Sized Garages
Call 023 9242 6270

- Installed Nationwide -  

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  from £6,999.00 installed

Includes over 18 square meters of floor area - enough for your car, your workshop, your golf equipment, your dive equipment, your garden tools, your lawn mower and strimmer, your bikes, your fridge freezer, your tumble drier and you!.
** Brick Finish      **     ** Anti-condensation Roof **
** Tile Effect Roof **     ** No Painting Required     **

(Pricing EXCLUDES concrete base. Manufactured and erected by T. Sutcliffe & Co. Ltd, call us on : 023 9242 6270).

  (023) 9242 6270  
We understand Garage Doors



Illustrated : Matching Hormann Sectional Garage Doors with remote control.

Surveyed, Sized, Supplied, Installed and finished off by GarageDoors4u on 023 9242 6270.
10 Year Manufacturer's warranty on garage doors.
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Also Let Eric make sure that you find the best garage door for you  
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Call 023 9242 6270 for Super tough and secure Steel Garage Doors.   from £399.00

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Call 023 9242 6270 for Beautifully Crafted Wooden Garage Doors   from £1,079.00
** NEW **

COLOUR MATCH FRONT AND GARAGE DOORS (Choice of 15). Call us on 023 9242 6270.


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Manufactured by Hormann.

Call us on 023 9242 6270

The Garage Interior You Deserve with sturdy modular units for storage, worktops, utility areas and tiled floor etc.

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illustrated : Bike Hoist - self raising bike hanger
Call us on 023 9242 6270

**NEW** Transform your Garage Door with an amazing photo tarpaulin easily fitted over your existing garage door.

Beautiful range of designs - whats your favourite?


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Call us on 023 9242 6270

We Understand Garage Doors
          when average just isn't an option
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Help & Advice
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do it once ..."
" ... Instant Transformations"
Criminal Thwarted
Making Extra Room
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  TOUGH garage doors
  supplied and professionally installed
by GarageDoors4u ....
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What our customers say

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    About Us

    Garage Doors  

I recently received a call reporting a problem with an automatic garage door that we had installed. It was working OK but not closing properly. I investigated the problem and discovered the cause - one component of the drive system was slightly distorted.

The reason soon became evident - someone had attempted to force the garage door open - without success! The potential thief was thwarted by the toughness of the garage door. There was further evidence of a hurried escape on the adjoining fence.

Our client was shocked, to say the least!

A small repair later and her garage door is still functioning as well as ever and still secure. There wasn't even the need for an insurance claim.

Our automatic doors have special security features to maximise the protection to your belongings.

Imagine replacing everything in your garage. Bikes. Lawn Mower. Garden Tools. Frozen Food. Family Treasures. Almost certainly several hundreds of pounds worth. Possibly even thousands

This is probably the case even if you don't garage your car.

Have you ever wondered how safe and secure your property is inside your garage? Would you like to find out?

... and, if your garage is integral to your home then any intruder is straight into part of your house.

So how can you avoid the distress and hassle of a break-in?

It is possible to install additional locks onto an insecure garage door, but these are definitely NOT user friendly. Imagine juggling keys and opening extra locks with rain running down your back! ... And then closing them again a few moments later. Yuch!
Also, most locks use padlocks of some kind. An inexpensive lock is easily bypassed. An expensive one just advertises that there is somethoing worth having inside.

But there is another way - with a new and tougher garage door.

Discover where to find a TOUGH garage door

Anecdote : Ring us if you are accidentally locked out of your garage and 9 times out of 10 we can gain entry for you, very quickly and without damaging the door! ............ Unless it is one that we have just installed.

"Are all garage doors the same?"

Yes and no! Garage doors today are complex machines. The latest designs have, by law, to include advanced safety devices and guards. A modern garage door will also have protection against potential finger traps.

Also, each canopy-type mechanism has a safety device to prevent the door falling in the event of a cable snapping.

These features are common to all new garage doors, from all manufacturers.

So, how can you tell which is the better door for you?

There is a lot of useful information in the manufacturer's product brochures and specifications. But, like car brochures, they are not going to tell you the difference between a Honda design and a Ford design, for example. But, unlike cars, you are unlikely to have the brand awareness to guide you in your selection.

In practice, which ones are more reliable?

Which ones are easier to maintain? What is the availability of spares?

Which ones are TOUGHER and offer best value for money?

"Ask an Installer?"

Ask your local friendly garage door supplier and you will be given an answer to these questions. But, ask another and the answers will likely be different.

"Ask GarageDoors4u!"

We want you to make an informed choice of garage door from the literally thousands that are available to you.

We do this by actually looking at your application as if it were our own home. What would we, with over 14 years of experience do? That way we maximise the satisfaction of our customers and, equally importantly, ourselves.

We listen and then suggest. We explain and compare alternatives.

All without obligation. All that we ask is that you let us know your final decision so that we can continue to improve the service and products that we offer.

.............. because you only do it once ....................




including ...

Wooden Garage Doors
Bespoke wooden
garage doors
Sectional Garage Doors
Sectional Garage
Roller Garage Doors
Roller Garage
Plastic Garage Doors
GRP Garage
Steel Garage Doors
Steel Garage


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